Since 2005, GEF has brought more than $6 million in funding for programs in the Gloucester Public Schools.

GEF funding touches every school and every child at some point in his or her educ0ation and provides innovation and enrichment across academic subject areas.

  1. Start-up support for Computer Science program
  2. Digital Cameras and iMac Photo Lab
  3. AP® Prep Summer Programs in English
    • Literature, English Composition, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, American History, World History, Computer Science, Economics and Psychology
  4. 3-D Printing Lab
  5. Online texts and Vernier sensors for Chemistry
  6. Safety improvements for Cabinet Design and Innovation
  7. Stipends for After-School Advisors
  8. Genome Gloucester summer program
  9. Ceramics Equipment & supplies
  10. ShopBot® digital CNC router
  11. Equipment and curriculum for Physics of Robotics program
  12. CAD Software for Vocational Education
  13. Sound equipment for drama program
  14. Chemistry with iPads
  15. Teacher professional development in technology
  16. Body Worlds® Field Trip
  17. Dating Violence Prevention presentations
  18. GHS Greenhouse and Farm to Table program
  19. Solar/wind training unit for electrical technology program
  20. Learning Commons Creation Lab
  1. Birdseye-Hammond Science, Technology & Engineering Center:
    • Tech Specialist
    • Supplies & Materials
    • Curriculum unit development
    • Wind cars, bridge-building, wind turbine & more!
    • Slime Lab – wet lab for life sciences
  2. Summer Engineering Adventure at MIT
  3. Writing Curriculum Coordinator
  4. Advanced Engineering equipment/ supplies
  5. 60 iPads for Project-Based Learning
  6. Aquaponics
  7. O’Maley Theatre sound & lighting equipment
  8. O’Maley Summer Science Grad Camp
  9. Science Through Gardening
  10. Word Generation® vocabulary-building program
  11. 3-D Printer program
  12. World language instruction
  13. After-school music instruction, musical instrument library and music room renovations
  14. Grant-writing support, leading to
  1. Summer Literacy Program
  2. Theater programs
  3. After school music program (stipends, transportation, sheet music and supplies)
  4. Early Engineers (Grades K-2)
  5. Grade K -2 STEM Curriculum Development and Professional Development
  6. Grade 5 Robotics Event
  7. Grade 5 West Parish Science Park
  8. Grade 5 Ballroom Dance Program and the Mad Hot Ball
  9. Soundfield® Systems (RED-CATs) in all Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 Classrooms
  10. Schoolyard Gardens startup support
  11. Visits to MIT to study motorized car building
  12. STEM Science Supplies and Equipment Repairs
  13. Dance Through the Decades
  14. SPED bikes
  15. Art Explorations textbooks and supplies
  16. Literacy Through Theater
  17. Quizzboards
  18. Heart Monitor Watches (Veterans’)
  19. Jam Hub® silent music studio (Beeman)
  20. Countdown to Kindergarten orientation program
  21. Maritime Gloucester field trips
  22. Math Olympiads program expansion
  1. Science, Technology & Engineering Coordinator/Curriculum writer
  2. Math Specialist
  3. City-wide Arts Festival
  4. Transportation for field trips
  5. Artistic Bridges visiting artist program
  6. Grant writing assistance