Why an education foundation?

As in many other communities, Gloucester’s school budget has limited funding available for innovative and new programs once its obligations to fixed costs are met.  With rising expenses, an aging infrastructure, and fiscal demands created by educational mandates, the District’s dollars can only go so far.

Unlike private schools, which have a strong tradition of fund raising and alumni engagement, public school districts like Gloucester are not able to engage in financial development activities.

GEF fills this need by engaging the community in helping to fund programs and initiatives that are outside of the school budget and that in many cases adds a margin of excellence to education in Gloucester.

While students and families are the direct beneficiaries, the truth is that the entire community benefits when the schools are made stronger.

Studies have shown that strong schools help increase property values, build a stronger tax base and increase community engagement.

Gloucester’s fabric is made of many strands—businesses, parents, taxpayers, human service organizations, civic leadership and the schools—and when the school strand is fortified, the entire fabric of the community is stronger.